Hey TOA Blog readers. I wanted to share some exciting news with you. TOA has launched a brand new online magazine called TOA.life which will be taking over from our trusty TOA blog as the first stop for insightful content and inspiring stories from our TOA speakers.   Tech Open Air has always been about […]


With TOA16 behind us and our team reflecting and planning next year already, it got us thinking: what makes TOA, well, TOA? What sets us apart from the rest? We put together a quick list on what we felt made TOA16 special, and how we as a tech festival stand out and distinguish ourselves from […]

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Less than a week before dawn breaks over the Funkhaus and we kick off three days of talks, workshops, sessions, satellites, and more. We’ve chosen our Hardware Pitch finalists and our festival program is now live. Exciting times for both you guys and us here at TOA HQ. Continue reading

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Ben Larson is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the first cannabis industry incubator in California with mainstream VC backing, Gateway. Ben has helped launch over 20 startups by leading semesters in San Francisco and Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute, and is now lobbying to open people’s minds about what a future with a mainstream cannabis industry could be. We caught him for a quick chat before his appearance at TOA next week. Continue reading

Ray N - Ray

Ray Noori is an award-winning filmmaker, and CEO & Co-founder Block Zero, a design and technology studio based in Malmö, Sweden. Ray has provided us with some very candid and thoughtful responses to our questions, and we are very much looking forward to his talk on the future of fashion tech. (Protip: it’s looking at science fiction vs existing technology and bridging the gap.) Continue reading

Amira Azzouz - AA

Amira Azzouz is the 20-something ambitious lady behind Fustany.com, a fashion and lifestyle portal by Arab Women for Arab women, aiming to inspire them to live a life full of creativity. As a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum, she is keen on shedding light on issues related to female empowerment such as breast & ovarian cancer awareness, and violence against women. Continue reading


(by TOA Founder Niko Woischnik)

Today is a big day for Team TOA. I am thrilled to announce that we’ve gotten some phenomenal investors on board. Many of these folks played big roles in putting their cities on the global tech & startup map. With their knowledge in building companies of global relevance, I am confident that together we will achieve what we originally envisioned 4.5 years ago! Continue reading


Today we caught up with the CCO and co-founder of VSCO, Greg Lutze. Greg’s a big believer in taking risks, taking nothing for granted, and surrounding yourself with creativity. (You’re going to love TOA, Greg.) Continue reading


We’re giving five teams of tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their game-changing tech innovations to our panel of judges. Yes, there will be prizes – not to mention our conference attendees made up of investors, VCs, industry leaders and the global media will be there, watching, waiting, evaluating. Continue reading

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Susan Danziger is many things: 2016 Woman of Influence. 2016 Brava SmartCEO Winner. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Champion of other female founders. A strong advocate of the path less travelled. We’re honoured that she found the time to chat with us so we could get a glimpse of what’s in store for us at TOA16, when she’ll take to the stage and give us an Ignite talk worth remembering. Continue reading


Are you a budding or student photographer looking to expand your portfolio? We’re looking for Community Photographers to enjoy the festival and capture their personal experience of TOA which we think would be a great addition to our professional photographers. Continue reading


A few weeks ago we announced that Daniel Mullins would be coming along to TOA to talk video game communities and how industriously they uncover secrets coded into the game by developers. Well, we couldn’t wait to start a dialogue with Daniel so we asked him a few q’s in anticipation for his talk at TOA16. Continue reading


Need a little help convincing your boss to send you to TOA? Look no further. Here are five conversation points that will get your boss thinking a trip to Berlin this July will benefit their business. After all, there’s always room in the budget…
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Tech Open Air is a Festival that thrives on many forms of creativity. From brand new tech ideas to groundbreaking approaches to art and musical performance, our audience and contributors are an essential part of the festival, bringing their own unique ideas to the table.
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Over the past four years, TOA has been working crazy hard to bring you the best of technology, music and art to Berlin. Since the original crowdfunding campaign, our goal has been to provide a platform to grow, connect and inspire creative minds and Berlin hustlers alike to take bold ideas to the next level

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We have a location. The best location. One that makes our past locations look like small potatoes. Waterfront views, vast and lavish lawns, spacious Bauhaus architecture: TOA has a new home, so let’s make innovation great again! 


Almost there!

Open Conversations: An evening with Union Square Ventures is in one week but we would like you to join the conversation already. Continue reading


A lot went into Tech Open Air 2015. Continue reading


TOA15 explores the intersection of technology, music and art Continue reading


Next week Tech Open Air 2015 finally arrives! Continue reading


The speaker schedule for the Unconference is officially LIVE Continue reading


July is here! O sunny day! Only 2 weeks until TOA15 Continue reading


At this year’s Unconference we’re elevating tech’s potential by providing Continue reading



TOA15 Satellites have launched! Every year TOA’s Satellite events Continue reading


TOA is back for a fourth year and just like Matthew McConaughey’s acting skills, we like to think we’re improving with age. Continue reading


In just a short couple of months, a new lexicon has emerged from a small international gathering of young  Continue reading


Welcome to the jungle, friends. AKA our brand new TOA15 blog. This is the one-stop-shop for Tech Open Air news Continue reading